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The Best Restaurants in Playa del Carmen Mexico

If there is one thing Playa del Carmen doesn’t have a shortage of its restaurants. You won’t struggle to find somewhere to eat here, especially on 5th Avenue. But, finding the best restaurants in Playa del Carmen if you are just visiting can be a bit more difficult to navigate.

So, we have put together this list of our favorite tried and tested Playa del Carmen restaurants, along with some recommendations of what to order, and when to go.

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The best vegetarian food in Playa del Carmen

Want to know the best vegan restaurants in Playa del Carmen? If you are vegan, vegetarian or seeking to stick to a plant-based diet, you won’t be disappointed when you get to the bustling beach town of Playa Del Carmen.
Being a Vegan or Vegetarian in Playa Del Carmen will not leave you disappointed. Quite the contrary, actually, as there are many plant-based and Vegan dining options available in this bustling beach town.

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